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Aficionados is a Dubai-based boutique PR & Communications agency whose objective is to support locally-based & homegrown brands and businesses.

We have two core values:
Integrity & Originality.




We listen. Carefully.

Aficionados believes in having a personal relationship with its clients and offering bespoke solutions. We like to delve deep and understand each client's individual need. We pride ourselves for our listening skills, and like to fully grasp what the brand or business's strengths are, where they could use our support, and also crucial for us to understand what have been the blind spots from its inception. 


We're selective, & we want you to be as well.

We carefully partner up with brands and businesses we believe in. We look for synergy and what we believe will be a long-lasting relationship. We like to move fast without rushing. We are concise and efficient, and always keep our eyes on the goal, and that is to take your brand and business to the next level and ensure it gets the attention it deserves.


What we do.

We offer brand strategies tailor-made for you, as well as help you determine from the micro to the macro. After thoroughly understanding your needs, because we have our own businesses and experience in hi-fi, grooming, leather, real estate, & food and beverage, we will give you our expert advice, and share our detailed thoughts about what you should do.


We promote your brand through traditional as well as modern PR. We engage with influencers on your behalf, arrange interviews, photoshoots, organize events, write press releases and speeches, crisis management, and more. 

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